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Does God Use Our Suffering For Good?

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Have you ever felt like there was nothing but suffering around you? Maybe you were going through a lot of hard times or someone close to you. I want you to remember and keep in your heart that God uses that suffering for our good. I’ll let you know what I mean.

A woman suffering with God's work for good from Aiming Intentionally

The suffering we go through was not intended for us. It happens because sin entered the world. God never wanted it to happen to us.

So How Can Suffering For Our Good Help Us?

It’s hard to be thankful for things around us when we’ve seen so much bad happening in such a short length of time. 

Let me just encourage you. God’s plans and purpose doesn’t stop even when things are going wrong. God knows what’s going on around us and with us, even when we think He has no clue. 

He doesn’t stop being God even when we’re going through bad circumstances. In fact, He already knew they were going to happen. I dare say, even if you had no idea, He was already preparing you for the battle you’re facing.

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God works through our suffering to bring His purposes into a full circle. He allows both good and bad to come through our lives. Why? So that we can learn to grow stronger in Him. He also allows it so that we can learn which areas of our lives need better conditioning. 

Have you ever done a certain physical activity that you’ve never done before and then woke up the next morning with muscles aching you didn’t even know you had?

I know I have before and it isn’t fun. I realized right away that those muscles were weak from not being used.

It’s the same with God bringing things into our lives that seem bad. Maybe for you, they’re really bad. When those things come, you know that God is still on His throne.

How can we stay faithful to God in Hard Times?

You should know straight away that He’s not allowing them because He’s trying to pull a trick on you or that He doesn’t love you. 

Friend, He does! More than you’ll ever know. Don’t ever be misled that He doesn’t love you more than anything.

However, like with any parent, when you see that your child needs to learn a lesson or grow in a certain area of their life, you’re going to stretch them.

That “muscle” that you didn’t know you had, needs to be better conditioned if you’re going to grow stronger in your relationship with God. If you want the Christian life, you will have difficulty.

John 16:33 says, “I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth, you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.

Yes, the road can be long and hard sometimes. Everyone dips into the valleys. The Bible doesn’t promise a good life on earth. The good life starts in eternity. But the good news is that Jesus went through what we go through every day and He crushed it for us! We can take comfort knowing that He went ahead of us.

This year might not have been sunshine and roses, but it’s definitely an opportunity to grow stronger in your faith if you’re willing to do the work. I know you can and I’ll be here with you while you do.

How have you seen God use your suffering for good recently? Comment below to share!


A woman suffering with God's work for good from Aiming Intentionally
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