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How To Stay Faithful To God As A Busy Mom

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What’s Inside: How busy moms can stay faithful to God and discover what you can do to overcome the obstacles that busy mom life brings.

So often, moms have a difficult time keeping up with their daily time with God. There’s so much going on. However, if we don’t have a strong relationship with our Heavenly Father, how will we raise our children in a way that pleases Him? How do you stay faithful to God and make Him a priority when you’re so busy?

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How A Busy Mom Can Stay Faithful To God

I know, I’ve been there before and I still find myself having this trouble. There are so many times that I’ve let my to-do list get in the way of my time with God. I make those things more important than nurturing my relationship with God. Is this something you can relate to?

I often remind myself of this example: What if I let everything I’m doing get in the way of my relationship with my husband? What about my kids? My relationships with them would suffer tremendously. Can you imagine if you did that to your family?

I couldn’t either, but that’s exactly what we do to God when we don’t make quality time with Him every day and stick to our commitment to Him.

So how can we do better?

When we think about relationships and nurturing them, two words come to mind: Love and Faithfulness.

If you’re reading this, you’re a mom who loves God and wants to do your best for Him. That’s why we were created and that’s why we’re put on this earth.

The problem you’re facing is that you can’t stay faithful and consistent in your relationship.

It’s incredibly easy to forget to pray and read your Bible every day if you aren’t making it a priority. (Believe me, I know).

But that’s exactly the source of communication we have with God. Prayer is us talking to Him and the Bible is Him speaking to you. This is the main source of conversation between us and God.

Now granted, He does speak to us in other ways, such as through other people. However, for you to have a one on one relationship with God, prayer and Bible reading are the most important ways we can know Him.

So how do we get from A to B?

Understand the season you’re in

If you’re a mom to very little children (4 years old and younger), God has so much grace for you. If you even just try a little bit to have a relationship with God, He will meet you where you are. It’s incredibly hard to get anything worth while done when you have tiny kids.

If you can make 10 minutes of quality time with God every day, it’ll be so refreshing to you.

For the moms with older children (5 years old and up), let’s do this! Kids who are 5 years old and older are more than capable of not only doing more things for themselves, they’re old enough to respect your time.

When you want to stay faithful to God, you make time for Him.

This was a problem area for me for a long time. My kids and I are all early risers. There were many mornings when I would try to get up before them (5:30am) to read my Bible and pray, only to have them wake up and come out. Obviously I love my kids, but this just wasn’t working out.

Snuggle time in the morning is very important to them, so I would often have to stop everything and just hold them. This is also a favorite of mine and I will snuggle with them until they no longer let me, but there had to be boundaries.

If I was going to get stronger in my relationship with God, something had to change. Once my daughter turned five, it was like the heavens opened. I was able to start telling my kids that they had to stay in their rooms until 6 am every day.

Yes, it took a couple weeks for them to understand. I put digital clocks in their rooms and put a posted note of the number 6 next to the hour digit so that she could match what time she was allowed to come out of her room.

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This act alone changed my spiritual life immensely. It’s also a great opportunity to instill in your children to respect others and their time. After 6 am, we start the snuggles.

I’ll also say that my kids sometimes come out before 6 am. Unless they’ve had a bad dream, I remind them that it’s not 6 yet and I send them back.

Understand that reading your Bible is important

Making intentional time for Bible time is often the most difficult part of your relationship with God. Sometimes you aren’t confident in where to read or making the time for it.

But we have to go back to the communication between us and God. We have the overwhelming privilege of the Creator of the Universe wanting to be with us. No words I say could tell you how extraordinary and wonderful that is. Reading our Bibles is the least we can do for Him.

You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want to strengthen your relationship with God. The Bible is the nourishment for our spirits. Just like we need food to live, we need scripture to keep our spirits fed.

Strengthen your prayer life

It’s one thing to read the words that God is saying to you. It’s another to speak back to Him. No conversation can be one-sided.

There are so many ways you can make your prayer life stronger. You can most certainly add it when you read your Bible every day, but you want to make sure that you’re speaking to God all throughout the day.

A great way to do that is to invite God into all of your praises and trials. Any time something awesome happened – give God praise and thankfulness. Whenever there are hard times and you need His intervention, invite Him to help you.

You can bring prayer into anything you experience. God wants to be apart of your life. We were made for Him, after all. We should be focused on Him and not on our own situations.

You’re also raising little prayer warriors. Your children watch everything you do. If they come to you when you’re praying, invite them to pray with you. Teach them how they can pray to God about the things that go on in their lives as well.

Teaching them how to stay faithful to God is a job that He has given you as their mother. Teach them to learn to ask God for anything and to have faith that God is faithful to us.

Teach your children how to stay faithful to God

God has appointed you to such a high honor – entrusting you to raise His children. One way you can show your faithfulness to Him is by teaching your children the importance of Bible reading.

I’m going to open my door to give you a glimpse of my mornings and how I share the Bible with my kids.

During breakfast, I read 3 chapters out of my Bible to them – The Proverbs chapter that goes with the date of the month, Psalm 91, and a chapter in the Gospels.

Here are my reasons for these chapters:

  1. Proverbs is full of wisdom and even at my kids young ages, they are learning wisdom in their daily lives. For example, my son now knows that he’ll become a leader if he works hard and that if he’s lazy, he’ll become a slave. (Proverbs 12:24)
  2. Psalm 91 is full of faithful promises from God. All throughout, God tells us that He will shelter and protect us. He will keep us from the harms and dangers of this world. It’s a perfect reminder, especially to kids, that they are safe and secure through God.
  3. The Gospels are stories all about Jesus. What better way to learn about Jesus than from those who knew Him best.

I’ve also taught my kids to read out of their own Bibles every day. It’s so important to teach them the importance of daily Bible reading at a young age.

Every morning, we do what’s called their “Big 5” –

  • Get dressed
  • Brush your hair
  • Brush your teeth
  • Make your bed
  • Read your Bible

If you make it part of their daily routine, it’ll stick for the long haul. Same goes for you, mom friend. Bring prayer and Bible reading into your daily routine and you will stay faithful to God in your relationship with Him.

Invite God into everything you do and teach your kids the same. Remind yourself that everything you do, you’re doing for God. It’ll help you stay true in your faithfulness and keep you accountable.

How are you going to stay faithful to God today? Respond in the comments!


praying hands on a bible to stay faithful to God as a busy mom from Aiming Intentionally
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