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30 Reasons To Stay Faithful To God In Your Home

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What’s Inside: 30 Biblical reasons why you should stay faithful to God in your home as a mother and discover what God has called you to do through your faithfulness.

How do you, as a mother, stay faithful to God in your home when you have so much on your plate? It’s difficult to make God a priority when everyone else needs us. As moms, we’re often pulled in many different directions. Any given day we could have a sick child, a financial crisis, a huge mess to clean, etc.

A mom in her home wanting to stay faithful to God from Aiming Intentionally

I could go on and on about what comes our way, especially the unplanned situations. As moms, we know it all too well. So how are we going to make God a priority when we have so much happening in our lives, most of which are unexpected and uninvited?

It starts with your reason why. I want to share 3o reasons why you should stay faithful to God in your home in spite of the unknown around us. He has given us so many blessings and so many reasons to commit to Him, despite hardships.

He is faithful and loves you so much. The least we can do is meet Him where He is with us.

30 Reasons To Stay Faithful To God In Your Home

Reason #1

A desire for your life to be an expression of gratitude for what Christ has done for you.

Reason #2

God honors and blesses faithfulness.

Reason #3

A desire for your children to be faithful to God.

Reason #4

Use your faith as an example for other mothers who need it.

Reason #5

Fight the good fight and finish the race.

Reason #6

A longing to please God in our daily lives.

Reason #7

A chance to show God that our loyalty is real, even in hard times.

Reason #8

Knowing that Jesus carved a perfect path for us to follow.

Reason #9

The ability to leave your troubles at the foot of the Cross.

Reason #10

Without faithfulness, there can be no Christian life.

Reason #11

Remembering the first 2 commandments require our faithfulness to God.

Reason #12

The Lord loves the just and will never forsake the faithful.

Reason #13

Through faithfulness, our sins are forgiven and we are set free.

Reason #14

A faithful person is richly blessed.

Reason #15

God will walk with you through trials and suffering.

Reason #16

The peace that faithfulness brings.

Reason #17

To fulfill God’s purpose and plan for your life.

Reason #18

Obey the promptings the Holy Spirit gives you.

Reason #19

Be faithful in response to God’s faithfulness.

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Reason #20

Showing faithfulness to God in the way He wants you to raise your children.

Reason #21

Understanding that through God’s faithfulness, His mercy renews every morning.

Reason #22

Say “no” to the world and “yes” to Jesus.

Reason #23

God’s faithfulness is promised for each generation.

Reason #24

God’s love for us reaches to the infinite skies.

Reason #25

It’s a character of God that He wants us to produce in ourselves.

Reason #26

He’ll bring people into your life that you need to be a witness for.

Reason #27

God has called us to be faithful with our time and not to waste it.

Reason #28

God has called us to be faithful with our talents and to use them for His glory.

Reason #29

God has called us to be faithful with our resources He has entrusted us with and not to squander them.

Reason #30

Show your children you are faithful in your Bible reading by reading and studying it every day.

I find that this last reason is so important. If we don’t know the Word of God, we will be lost in our own absent thoughts. Without knowing our Bibles, we don’t know who God is, what He has done for us, and what He requires of us.

When you’re reading and studying your Bible daily, you receive the privilege of getting to know the Creator of the Universe on a personal level.

Think about it this way: How easy is it to ask for an audience with the President of the United States or the Queen of England? It’s extremely difficult and highly unlikely. But when we read our Bibles and study it, we have the ear of the Lord. He wants to move and work in your life.

Let Him.

Do these reasons speak to you about how you can stay faithful to God in your home? Comment below to share!


how a mom can stay faithful to God in her home with her daughter from Aiming Intentionally
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