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Is Homeschool Right For Your Family?

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Are you at a point where you feel like homeschool is right for your family? How do you know for sure if you are feeling God’s call to homeschool or if your desire is out of fear and safety for your child?

It can be difficult to understand which direction you are coming from. However, there are steps you can take to help guide you on your decision, as a family.

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How We Decided Homeschool Was Right For Us

Recently, my family and I decided to start homeschooling. My son had been in public school for his Kindergarten year and it wasn’t that great of a year.

Sure he was doing well in academics, but his relationships with other students and teachers left a lot to be desired. He had trouble with certain kids. He would always come home telling me about a kid who hurt him.

His teacher was outnumbered with 21 kids. She had too many to handle and couldn’t keep up with everything that was going on between the students. When my son came to her with something that was wrong, she simply said, “you’ll be alright” and would leave it at that.

Public school is not a place that sponsors Christianity. Often times my son would come home telling me they watched a movie with witches on broomsticks or a wizard with spells. I contacted his teacher and told her our family’s view on what the Bible says.

She seemed to get what I was saying, but my son still came home with those types of experiences. I found out his class would go around to other teachers throughout the day and not every teacher followed my instructions.

God’s Prompting For My Family

Just before Christmas, I felt the Holy Spirit start to press on my heart that I should be homeschooling my kids. It was during a sermon at church. My pastor was preaching about what you are willing to sacrifice for God’s Kingdom. The entire time he was preaching, I kept hearing “homeschool” over and over again.

I could have easily ignored it and just moved on with my life. This was not something I was expecting. I had plans of my own. My youngest only had one more year at home and then she would be starting Kindergarten also.

I would be free at home to work on my blog and have free time for myself as well. Then He showed me this other life that we could have, and the different children that we would end up raising. This is when God really showed me what a mission field would look like in my own life.

Once I said “yes” to God in my heart, I started seeing all of the wonderful things we could do as a family. I saw all of the ways that I could pour into them and protect them.

Have You Been Thinking About Whether Homeschool Is Right For You And Your Family?

You’ve read my story and how we started homeschooling, but how has your story started? Have you been feeling a calling deep down that this is something that would be best? Or, are you feeling scared for your children and the only way they stay safe at home with you?

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These are the two directions that I hear most when other moms tell me about their homeschooling journeys. However, there has to be a beginning to the decision that you make.

Are you at a point where you are just thinking about whether this is a true purpose for your family? If you are, you’re definitely not alone! Like I said, I was there too.

You may be feeling like you aren’t even qualified to be a teacher to your kids. I would like to encourage you that if you have been thinking about whether to homeschool or not… Get Into The Word! Period.

Make sure that you are reading your Bible every day and making the time to listen to God’s promptings. He will let you know if it’s the direction that He wants for your family.

God knows the journey that your family will make down the road. He knows the purpose and the reason He created each member of your family. Your ultimate desire will be to want to follow where HE wants you to go.

Part of being a Christ-follower is saying NO to your fleshly desires and saying YES to what He ultimately wants.

More information on other “why’s” for homeschool.

What If It’s Fear That’s Driving You?

I get it! This world has become a very scary place to live in. We now live in a world where it’s very possible for, not only your children to be picked on, but to be seriously harmed in some way.

You also have to worry about the types of kids that yours will be hanging around and the teachers that will be influencing them. If your entire reason for homeschooling is out of fear, you’re not relying on God to take care of your journey.

Pulling them out of school because you don’t know what will happen to them isn’t helpful. Living in fear is not what God calls us to do.

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2 Timothy 1:7 says, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.” (NLT).

Joshua 1:9 says, “This is my command – be strong and courageous! Do not be afraid or discouraged. For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” (NLT).

Both of these verses say…no, command…that we be strong and courageous, because God has not given us a spirit of fear. He has already equipped us with power, love and self-discipline!

If your only concern to homeschool is your fear, that’s not good enough. Find the strength in God that He has already given you and He will keep your children safe.

Finding Courage In The Land Of Homeschool

If you know that God is calling your family to be a homeschool family, now’s the time to find a different type of courage. You WILL run into people who don’t understand why you are homeschooling.

They will be the naysayers who feel that your children will not be educated the right way or be socialize for the society we live in now. Defending your decisions are a natural response.

If the enquiring is out of love, feel free to explain where God has led your family and why. If the questioning comes from people who just don’t understand the lifestyle a homeschooling family leads, let God take care of the situation.

You don’t want it to turn into conflict. It’s just not worth it. Let God be your defender to those who don’t understand or think you’re making a mistake.

If you have chosen homeschool, and know that God has called you there, be prepared to face those conflicts. Hold your head high, knowing the truth of God’s Word in your life and the path that He wants your family to take. When you know that homeschool is right for your family, God will make a way when there is no way.


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6 thoughts on “Is Homeschool Right For Your Family?

  1. Samantha, thank you so much for writing this! I have had homeschooling on my heart for nearly two years now.

    It was something that has just been there like a constant thought in the back of my mind that I continued to push away.

    This year though my son who is 10 has really been struggling. When I see the schools number on my phone my heart stops and I’m like great there went my day.

    He is such a good kid but he struggles because he could possibly have Aspergers Syndrome on top of anxiety, tics, and adhd.

    It’s really stressful constantly getting calls. Maybe God put homeschooling on my heart more than a year ago because of this very reason.

    1. Absolutely! You definitely need to prayerfully consider if God is placing this on your heart. Always remember that God has called us all for a specific purpose for His Kingdom. It’s always important to answer the call that He leads you to. Romans 8:28

  2. My husband and I were both homeschooled, so it was a natural thing to plan on home education for our children.

    I have had some interesting conversations at odd locations during “school hours” when we’re out and about. But ‘I am persuaded that He is able to do much more than I could ever dream” and “He is faithful to carry on to completion the good work He has begun” in my family!

  3. Great encouragement! We homeschooled our children for 6 years until this past year where they attend a university-model school: 3 days school, 2 days home. It’s been such a blessing to our family to have them home and have other Christian, like-minded teachers pour into them. God always equips those He calls! It continues to be one of the best decisions we’ve made for our family and I hope your post continues to encourage and inspire others!

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