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How To Have Intentional Bible Reading Time For Moms

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What’s Inside: how moms can learn to make intentional Bible reading time every day and why it’s important

Are you a Christian mom overwhelmed with all of your daily tasks? You know you should read your Bible every day, but you don’t know where to start and how much time you have to give. Discover where you can fit intentional Bible reading into your day and where to get started.

an open Bible for moms to start reading their Bibles every day from Aiming Intentionally

There are so many parenting books and motherhood books out there that are really great advice. I’ve read a few and I agree. But there’s nothing like sitting down, opening your Bible and reading what God says you should be as a mother and the best way to raise your kids.

When you turn to your Bible first and read the words God wrote to you, there’s no better feeling than following the advice of The One who created parenting and motherhood.

Over the past couple years, God has place on my heart a mission for mothers just like you. Reading the Bible every day is so important for our roles as mothers.

My hearts desire is to help overwhelmed mothers who think they have no time for their Bibles and help them realize it’s a crucial tool for parenting future Christ-followers.

We are in a very real battle with the enemy of this world. He is a devouring lion seeking to devour those who are caught off guard and not prepared for the war.

Your Bible is your weapon.

When you read it every day, draw strength from its words, and use scripture in your everyday life, you equip yourself for the battlefield.

We’re at war, whether you’re ready or not. Don’t fight with a dull blade.

Ready To Make Time For Your Bible?

I want to invite you to break free from the madness and overwhelm of busy mom life and find clarity in God’s Word.

I’ve put together a 60-page guide to help you focus more of your time on God and the importance of your Bible.

The guide is called: INTENTIONAL: Time In God’s Word Daily.

Don’t let the busyness of motherhood prevent you from a stronger relationship with God.

Imagine just for a minute what it would be like to…

  • Develop a routine for daily Bible reading
  • Find the best time in your day to set aside
  • Bring together a scripture structure you could use in every day life
  • Understand the importance of God’s Word to you
  • Take small steps to eventually read your entire Bible
  • Become the Warrior Mom God has called you to be from Psalm 127:4
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What others are saying about Intentional…

“As a working mother, wife, student, and pastor, I often get very distracted. I feel like most of my Bible study has been done for my classes or my sermons. Intentional: Time In God’s Word Daily is more than a devotional. It is a blessing to be encouraged and to remember that it is important for me to spend personal time in God’s Word!

– Angela-

“I absolutely love this guide!! This was made for people who want to get into the Word. That’s me!!! I can tell this was made with love and care for the user. Thanks so much for making this beautiful product. It’s been such a blessing!”


“I use to think the Bible was so overwhelming. I was intimidated by the size and had no idea where to start. On top of that, I was so busy taking care of my children that I felt like I had no time for anything else. This guide has shown me the importance of daily Bible reading and how to put it before everything else. It helped me make small steps to reading, that now I’ve read my chapters so far and am LOVING IT! Thank you so much!”

Intentional: Time In God's Word Daily guide from Aiming Intentionally

“This guide has completely changed my spiritual life. I can now not only find time every day to read my Bible, but it has given me a longing for it. Through this guide, I have found a need to be in scripture every day. It has been such a blessing to show my kids the importance of reading my Bible. “


“Without a doubt, a wonderful product that will help any mother get more “intentional” in their Bibles. This purchase was a no brainer!”


What Are You Waiting For?

If you’ve ever wanted to set aside time every day to read your Bible, this is an awesome tool to get you going.

I think so often, moms think they need to be reading their Bibles for hours at a time, but that’s just not realistic when you have small children.

God gives you grace in those seasons and He wants to meet you where you are. But you have to meet Him as well.

That’s where Intentional comes into play.

When you feel like you have no time at all to spare, I help you find that time.

I provide 10 awesome tips that will have you reading in your Bibles, helping you get past common objections that so many mothers face.

Intentional: Time In God’s Word Daily helps you discover where to best start reading the Bible without the pressure.

I help show you the importance of daily reading and help guide you with spiritual growth questions that will help you dig deeper into God’s Word and why it’s so useful to your life.

What’s Included In This Intentional Bible Reading Guide?

  • Discover exactly what’s getting in your way from 4 areas of your life.
  • The reason Bible reading is so important for mothers.
  • Reflection questions to help you dig deeper in your relationship with God that will allow you to grow a stronger relationship with Him.
  • Monthly Bible Tracker Printables
  • Learn how to fight the enemy of this world by learning to draw your sword of Truth.
  • Learn 10 very helpful tips for successful daily Bible time.
  • Scripture Reflection and Journaling Printables.
  • Follow-up challenges from me periodically – Christians are called to keep each other accountable and iron sharpening iron is what the Bible calls us to do.

Altogether it’s a 60-page guide with 10 unique printables included.

5 chapters will get you from where you are to where you want to be.

This guide is available through a PDF download. Each page can be printed out as needed, with the 5 chapters can be filled out digitally.

I invite you to take this leap of faith into God’s Word.

Become the Warrior Mom God has called you to be. You can’t raise strong, godly children if you aren’t strong in your Bible.


printables from Intentional: Time In God's Word Daily Bible Reading Guide from Aiming Intentionally
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