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Finding Time For Yourself As A Mom

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Finding time for yourself as a mom is not as easy as it looks. You spend all day taking care of the kids. You’re also running errands, doing chores, cooking meals, and anything else that your home and family need.

Have you ever felt simply run down by everything and can’t remember the last time you did something that you truly love to do?

I’m pretty sure every mother has felt like this one time or another. We have it in us to do all and be all to everyone we come in contact with. Being there for your family is very admirable. It’s definitely a mission that God has given us. He also requires that we take times of rest.

What Does A Rest Look Like?

You cannot be on the go all the time. When your brain is always firing and never has a chance to stop, you burn out. You get depressed, you get fatigued and you can’t be everything you’re suppose to be for your children.

When you rest, you are taking a pause from your surroundings and doing something that will recharge your batteries. It might be in the form of a nap, it might be writing in a journal or painting.

For me, it’s taking the time every day to work on one of my favorite hobbies. I love to craft and this activity helps me a lot. Lately though, I’ve really been loving those paint by numbers kits. They are so soothing and relaxing.

Whatever it is that you choose for recharging your batteries, make time to be able to do that. Finding time for yourself as a mom is the best thing you can do for your children.

Finding Time For Yourself As A Mom Around The Kids

Ok, so we’ve talked about ways you can recharge your batteries. Now it’s time to discuss how you can achieve this with the kids around. This is sometimes easier said than done and will require you to be intentional about finding the time.

Moms With Younger Kids

If you have smaller children, making their nap time your refresher time might be a good place to start. You might also choose to stay up a little bit later / get up earlier than them.

It can be tempting to use that time to catch up on chores. While that would be a worth-while time, I would suggest taking only one of those time frames for chore time, and using the other for “you” time.

If you choose to go down to a single time frame for doing chores, you’ll need to get organized to be able to squeeze into one less timeframe for chores. I have used this chore tip and this chore tip in the past and they really help!

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Moms With Older Kids

If you have children over three or four, this is the perfect time to start allowing them to have play time in their rooms! It’s an amazing feeling to be at a point where you don’t have to watch them every minute of the day. An age where you know they won’t be trying to stick things into electrical sockets or climb up on their dresser.

Set aside an hour and have it all to yourself. You might be like me – who loves crafts and painting. You could also put on a favorite podcast, tv show or music that you love. Other options could be reading a book, doing an exercise or taking a bath (if you choose the evening time to recharge).

Have Someone Watch The Kids

If you are the kind of woman who needs to go out to be recharged, some have their husbands stay with the kids for a bit or hire a babysitter.

Don’t think that you aren’t important enough to make time for. God will find a way for you to get out of the house if you need it.

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Make Recharging A Priority

It’s so easy as mothers to make excuses that we aren’t as important as anything else going on with our to-do lists and commitments. I want to encourage you to make yourself a priority.

Reward Yourself

I’m the sort of person to make to-do lists and try to get everything done on that list. Sometimes it’s not realistic to get EVERYTHING done. So I make a game with myself. I arrange my list by things that are most important.

If I get done my top 7 items that matter the most on my list, I reward myself with my recharging hour.

Whether you have a list or not, take the time for yourself. You will not be the best mother or wife you can be, if you aren’t recharging. Remember, putting your oxygen mask on first is not selfish, but beneficial to your family.


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