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Finding Faithfulness 30-Day Bible Study Reading Plan

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What’s Inside: A great 30-Day Bible study reading plan on finding faithfulness to help moms get in their Bibles every day.

Have you ever opened your Bible, not knowing where to start? It’s hard to find direction when there’s not much guidance. With this Finding Faithfulness Bible reading plan, you’ll receive scripture every day of the month for where to open your Bible and start reading.

Faithfulness is our foundation in God. Without God’s faithfulness to us, we would be nothing. God’s faithfulness means that He keeps His promises, He is always at our side, and it prevents Him from lying or going back on what He says.

As Christ-followers and His children, He requires that we also be faithful to Him. As imperfect humans, it is extremely difficult to be perfectly faithful. Faithfulness to God is easy when life is going well, but what about when it isn’t? Those are the times when we need to learn to be faithful most.

What Is A Bible Reading Plan?

A Bible reading plan, like Finding Faithfulness, is a plan where you receive a certain group of verses that are assigned for a specific day. You then read that verse on that day and try to apply it to your current season of life.

Some Bible reading plans last just a couple days, while others last an entire year. For this specific Bible reading plan, it’s 30 days long. Perfect for a month-long Bible reading plan.

Some Bible reading plans follow a specific book of the Bible or group of the Bible. There are also some that help you understand how the Old Testament and New Testament connect to each other.

This particular Bible reading plan, Finding Faithfulness, is themed toward – you guessed it – Faithfulness!

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Why You Need A Bible Reading Plan

You’re a busy mom who has a lot going on. No matter what age your children are, they keep you on your toes and don’t leave you much time.

Knowing that reading your Bible every day is important, you want a resource that will help alleviate the guesswork for where you should study your Bible. With a Bible reading plan, you will be given instruction on where to read next, rather than taking the time to navigate for yourself.

With that said, reading your Bible with your own plan is also very good. However, a Bible reading plan is really helpful for those who need to take the guesswork out of it and need help with direction.

Why Finding Faithfulness Is Right For You

Understanding God’s faithfulness to us is really important. His promises are kept and He brings unfailing love with His faithfulness to us.

As mothers, we need to understand that God’s faithfulness is a mighty tool at our disposal in parenting. God shows us how to be a faithful caregiver. He teaches us through His example of how to bring His unfailing love onto our children.

These verses from the Finding Faithfulness Bible reading plan also provides scripture on how you can show your faithfulness back to God. He deserves our loyalty and praise. When we show Him our faithfulness back, we are proving to Him that we are worthy of being His children.

As a Christ-following mother, you have the opportunity to share and teach your children how they can also learn to be faithful to God. When you use this Bible reading plan, you’ll put into action what these verses say to you.

When your children see you living a life of faithfulness to God, they will learn how to do the same. You are called to be an example for your children. Who you are now, is who they will become.

Become a faithful example for your children to copy. After all, we know they’re like little sponges. Help them soak up all the faithfulness that God gives back to all of us, every day.

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Finding Faithfulness Bible Reading Plan From Aiming Intentionally
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