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5 Best Ways To Find Uninterrupted Time For Moms

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Every mother knows the feeling of never being alone. The amount of kids only determines how many shadows are following you. I’m sure you know the feeling of even going to the bathroom by yourself. That is if you’re even a mom who can go to the bathroom by yourself yet – you see the little hands under the door. If you’re interested in regaining some of your personal life back, I’ve gathered up some of the best ways to find uninterrupted time for us moms.

What’s Your Reason To Find Uninterrupted Time?

Think about this question for a minute . . .

What is it in your life that’s worth your time and worth making time for that you would LOVE to start doing for yourself? Not as a mom – as a regular person.

There are many reasons why a mother would want some time to herself.

  1. Maybe you’ve really been wanting to dive into a book.
  2. Perhaps you want to lose all the weight you gained by having them.
  3. You could also be seeking time to dive into your favorite hobby.
  4. Another reason could be trying to start a business.

The reasons are endless, but alas we all try to find uninterrupted time from our children.

If you are someone who feels guilty about wanting time for yourself, please know that it’s crucial as a mother to be your best self for your kids. It is not selfish to put your oxygen mask on first.

So now that you’ve thought of your reason – here’s your motivation!

I’ve put together the top 5 most popular ways to find uninterrupted time for yourself, to break down not only physical barriers but mental ones as well.


Schedule It In With Independent Play Or “Quiet Time”

This won’t come naturally at first. It’ll take some time for your children to understand that they can’t interrupt when they’re supposed to be in their rooms playing or having their quiet time.

For the first few times, you implement this new routine, you’ll get a lot of interruption. Expect that. It won’t be perfect right away.

Kids have a hard time adjusting to new routines at first, but it’ll be second nature after a few practice runs. Just keep trying it and don’t give up.

Here are some examples:

  1. Setting a time your kids know that they need to be playing in their rooms quietly by themselves.
  2. Starting a “quiet time” on their beds or cozy spots in their rooms where they can nap or read books.
  3. Have babies/toddlers? Create a “busy bag” full of toys and activities that they aren’t allowed to play with unless it’s designated quiet time.

Have more than one kid sharing a room? No problem! Find spots around the house that each child can call their own. There they can bring a couple of their favorite activities and play quietly.

Here’s the rule though: They have to be alone.

When kids are allowed to continue playing together during “quiet time”, they almost always end up fighting and you lose your time alone to become the referee.


Get Up Early / Stay Up Late

Yes, I know you love your sleep, but I had to say it. This time for yourself is a great opportunity for you.

If you have children who aren’t sleeping through the night yet – this tip probably isn’t for you . . . yet.

For those who have sleeping children, figure out if you’re a morning person or a night owl, and choose accordingly.

I’m a natural morning person, so many mornings, I choose to wake up an hour or so before my kids wake up.

Chances are, your kids wake up and go to bed at scheduled times. If they don’t, here are great tips to get that worked out.

If you already have a set bedtime for your kids, chances are they wake up at around the same time every morning. Pick a time that’s best for you and use that time for yourself.


Give Your Kids Time-Based Electronic Turns

So many moms are scared of what others will think of them if they use the “electronic babysitter”, but please stop worrying. It’s not like they’re glued to the screens all day every day.

It can be quite a good situation as long as you monitor what they’re watching.

For my kids, I give them one hour a day for their “tv turns”. I have 2 kids, so that’s only 2 hours a day. If you have more kids, you can definitely adjust according to what you feel is best.

During this time, my kids can pick from a pre-approved list that I’ve put together. They’re only allowed to watch from this list because I won’t be actively monitoring and watching it with them.

I’ve watched everything on the list I pre-approved, so I have confidence that they aren’t watching anything wrong because I’ve watched it with them before.

In their hour each, they can either watch a tv show, some of a movie, or play a video game. I set my timer and give them a 5-minute warning at that mark to prepare them that their turn is almost over.

This gives me a 2 hour break to do whatever I want to and it’s wonderful.


Enlist A Family Member

Whether it be your husband or a family member that lives close by, using the people around you is very helpful.

I don’t always use this one because as an introvert, I’d rather my alone time be at home.

However, sometimes I will take advantage of when my husband isn’t working and get out of the house by myself.

Believe me, as a homeschooling stay-at-home-mom, those kinds of trips are a real treat.


Make It A Priority

This will be one of the mental barriers to finding time for yourself. I believe it’s one of the most important ones.

When it comes to changing habits for yourself, mental barriers can be your enemy.

Don’t let time get away from you. It’s so easy to get distracted by the rare silence your children give.

Take advantage of the times when the kids are just naturally playing and not around you. Or if they’re toddling age, when they’re amusing themselves in their playpen.

Don’t feel guilty about needing that uninterrupted time for yourself. It’s perfectly normal to want that space to do things that make you feel like a person and not just a “mom”.

Needing that time alone for yourself doesn’t make you a bad mom, it makes you a better one.

I hope you’ve been able to find a few or all of these tips helpful.

Comment and share if you’ve ever used any of these tips and whether they were of any help to you!


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