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How To Have Faithfulness In Motherhood – 30-Day Devotional

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What’s Inside: Details about the Faithfulness in Motherhood 30-Day Devotional and how you can get it.

What does it mean to have faithfulness in motherhood? It’s definitely not a one-time thing. Faith as a mother requires an everyday strength. As a Christ-following mother, you are responsible for your own walk with Christ. And not only that but also the foundation of your children’s lives as well.

a 30-day devotional on faithfulness for moms from Aiming Intentionally

It’s definitely not easy. My spiritual mentor, Heidi St. John always says, “You can’t pass on what you don’t possess”, and that’s exactly right. Your children won’t learn how to grow their faith in Christ alone. They need to see you grow your faith in Christ as well.

That’s why I’ve put together a 30-day Faithfulness devotional for mothers. It’s full of information on how you can stay faithful to God and how He stays faithful to you.

The Faithfulness in Motherhood devotional is a great tool for you to use in strengthening your relationship with God.

For $10, this is a digital download that you’ll receive as a PDF.

You will not only learn to be faithful in your motherhood journey. You’ll also learn how God continues to be faithful to you, even when parenting is hard and you mess up.

As a mother, God has entrusted you to steward and raise His children to start their adulthood knowing and trusting Him. It’s not an easy task. That’s why He calls us to remain faithful to Him. To trust that He will see us through good times and bad as we raise our children – His children.

Are You Ready For Faithfulness In Motherhood?

The time has come for us to continue strengthening our faith. God’s promises are true. In Faithfulness in Motherhood, you’ll learn how to:

  • Apply faith to your every day parenting
  • Understand how God remains faithful to us
  • Use your faith in times of trial
  • Learn how God equips us for parenting by faith

Every daily devotional comes equipped with a verse that highlights God’s faithfulness to us. I’ve taken the time to gather 30 verses from the Bible, talking all about faithfulness.

Each day, you’ll read a verse on faithfulness. From there, you’ll learn how God is working in your life through His steadfast faith. You’ll also learn how He’s equipping you with faith to be a better Christ-following parent.

It’s a tremendous blessing when you can start the day with a great devotional that will help you grow stronger as a mother.

Faithfulness in motherhood is needed when you’re going to raise your children to grow strong in the Lord. Everyone has been given a purpose and a reason to be on this earth.

One of the ministries God has given you, as a mother, is to raise your children to have a firm foundation of salvation. They’ll need that foundation for when they become adults. They’ll see the pressures and the trials of this life when they’re on their own. But with that, they’ll look back and remember seeing how faithful in Christ their mother was while they were growing up.

It’s a tremendous gift to give them. But it starts today. It starts with your declaration of faith. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Show them, while they’re young, how to be faithful in Christ.

Now available as a digital download for just $10!

How have you been showing faithfulness in your parenting? Comment below to share!


a 30-day devotional on faithfulness for moms from Aiming Intentionally

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