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What Does It Mean To Be A Faithful Mother?

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What you’ll find: What a faithful mother looks like and how they can show their children what Christ looks like every day.

Mothers do so much for their children. They make sure their kids are fed, cleaned, taught, and loved. Mothers protect their children from harm, clean up their scrapes, and help through life’s lessons. This is a good mom. But what does it mean to be a faithful mother? Is there a difference?

A woman praying with a Bible trying to become a faithful mother from Aiming Intentionally

What Is A Faithful Mother?

A faithful mother is so much more than just a “good” mother. She’s the mom who understands that her children are God’s children and that they belong to Him. She guides her kids to know God and the importance of serving Him.

A faithful mother teaches her children that they aren’t here to just do whatever they want. She helps them understand that everything they do should be led by God and for the glory of God. They are here for His Kingdom.

Yes, there are so many good mothers out there who care for their children, love them, and provide for them.

The great mothers, who are faithful, are the ones who make sure that their children are living for Christ and are showing an example of Christ to them daily.

How to become a faithful mother

It can be difficult to trust that God knows best for your family, but faithful mothers know that God has their best interests at heart.

When you put God first in your life, even above your children, you understand God’s direction for your family is one that is best for you.

God has a purpose for every life on this earth and a great mother not only realizes hers but directs her children onto their right path as well.

It’s up to you to become the warrior mom that God wants you to be.

Show your kids who Christ is by your actions. How can you do that? Read your Bible every day, study it, and pray. These three things are the starting line to doing awesome things for Christ.

Proverbs 127:4 says, “Like arrows in the hands of a warrior are children born in one’s youth.” (NIV).

You are the warrior mom and it’s your job to raise your children as arrows in this world. We have to stay deep in God’s Word and teach our children to do the same, because there’s an enemy out there that’s prowling around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.

Don’t be unprepared but be ready for anything the enemy throws at you. God is your foundation. Anchor yourself to Him and the Truth of His Word, and you will not be easily led astray.

The Future Of Your Child’s Life

A mother’s role in her children’s lives is so important to their future. A child will easily be swayed into temptation without a faithful mother by their side. They need her.

As a Christian mother, your role is not to be taken lightly. It is a high calling. No one in the world could be a better mother for your children. God hand-picked you Himself to guide these children He’s entrusted to you.

This isn’t meant to overwhelm you, but to encourage you. There is no one like you on the entire earth. God created you for such a time as this: In this specific time and this specific season. Take heart and have courage. Remember: You Are A Warrior.

A Mother’s Faith And The Outcome

In my early adulthood, I stepped away from God. I had grown up in the church and knew better. However, life shows us that one wrong decision can lead to more bad decisions. Before I knew it, I was completely away from God. He was calling me, but I couldn’t hear Him.

All the while, my own devoted mother never stopped loving me, praying for me, and reminding me who Christ was and what He did for me. It’s because of my mom, and her loyalty to God, that I found my way back to Him.

She continued to be persistent with me. I’ll admit, in the beginning it was really annoying. I didn’t want her to keep reminding me of who I was before. I thank God for her faithfulness and persistence.

That’s exactly what every mother should be like. She could have easily just let it go because it was a hard fight. It took her eight years to continue to fight for me and stay devoted to her role as my mom, even though I was grown.

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A Biblical Mother’s Example Of Faithfulness

What better way to learn about the faithfulness of a mother than in the Bible. In 1 Samuel, we find a man named Elkanah. Elkanah had two wives – Peninnah and Hannah. Peninnah had children and Hannah didn’t. Peninnah would often tease Hannah horribly because she didn’t have children.

Hannah longed to have children but couldn’t have any because God had closed her womb. Every year, she would go with her husband and his other wife and children to bring sacrifices to the temple.

After many years of giving offerings and not having any children, Hannah finally went and prayed. 1 Samuel 1:10 says, “In her deep anguish Hannah prayed to the LORD, weeping bitterly.” (NIV).

In her desperation, she asked God to give her a son and in return, she would give that son back to Him. She must have been extremely anguished to have made that vow before God.

In fact, she was in such a state that the Eli the priest thought she was drunk! She reassures him that she isn’t drunk but just deeply distraught by her longing for a son. Eli tells her to go in peace and that God would bless her. After that, Hannah was no longer upset but hopeful.

God remembered her and blessed her with a son. She named the baby Samuel. The Bible says his name means “because I asked the Lord for Him”.

She remained a faithful mother. She kept her vow and gave baby Samuel back to God. Through her faithfulness, God blessed her with many more children.

This baby that she gave back to God became one of the most famous priests in the entire Bible. He’s the last judge before Israel demanded a king. He anointed both Saul and David. God used him to do many important things. And this is all because Hannah remained faithful.

How Can Modern Day Mothers Stay Faithful?

There are so many tools given to mothers. Nothing is more important for a Christian mom than her Bible and her prayer life. With these two things, you can change the world.

Those arrows that I mentioned before, they’re the ones who’ll be shot out into the world one day. It’s our mission as moms to steer them in the right direction and to craft them into strong, intentional arrows aiming for a specific target: our opposition.

Read your Bible every day and stay focused on your God assignment. Remain faithful to your relationship with Christ and show your children what that looks like through your actions and your words.

Pray for your children. Not only in what they’re going through right now, but pray for their past, their present, and their future. Give your kids back to God and show Him how faithful you are as the mother He designed you to be.

Have you seen an area of your parenting where God has called you to be faithful? Share your story in the comments!


A woman praying trying to become a faithful mother from Aiming Intentionally
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