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How To Teach Your Kids Faith Over Fear

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What’s Inside: Learn how mothers can help their children put faith over fear and give them the tools they need to triumph.

Childhood fears are very normal. Kids don’t have a real-world few of why things happen the way that they do. They don’t know how to reason in the same way that adults do, so they are frightened by the things that they don’t understand. As a mother, God has appointed you to teach them how to put faith over fear that they have.

a mother helping her kids with faith over fear from Aiming Intentionally

What Do We Do When Our Kids To Put Faith Over Fear?

Over the past few months, I’ve been seeing a recurring issue with my son. Now, I’m sure with everything going on in the world, he might be feeling a bit unsure, but he’s had a bit more fear of things than normal.

It’s odd for me because he’s normally a very brave and outgoing person. He’s nearly 8-years-old but has recently been mentioning little ways that he has fear. Nothing big, but little things throughout his life.

He mentions them to me most when I’m putting him to bed at night and we’re saying our bedtime prayers. 

I’ve heard of a lot of kids opening up more during this time. Do your kids do the same at this time of day?

I can understand why. It’s the end of the day and it’s pretty much the only time they can get us one one one without daily tasks and other siblings getting involved. 

However, my son will mention things to me that seems like no big deal. Often it’s things that I would have thought wouldn’t bother him. Things such as his eyeball randomly falling out, or a lion being outside. 

Do your kids share random fears with you as well?

Seems silly to us because we have both wisdom of our age and understanding of how the world really works to justify that these types of things are highly improbable. 

But what about a small child who only knows the small world around him or her?

What are we supposed to do to help that child face the fears they have?

We have to remember to stay faithful to God, even in the hard times we face.

A great foundation to form for them is to train them to have faith over fears.

Give Them The Equipment To Put Faith Over Fear

When my son shares these types of fears with me, I ask him, “Who is in complete control of this?”

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He knows the answer and responds, “God” or “Jesus”. I confirm this by quoting 2 Timothy 1:7, “For God has not given us a spirit of fear and timidity, but of power, love, and self-discipline.

This is a wonderful passage to teach your children at a young age. 


It tells your child that God made them brave. This is where faith over fear comes in. They’re able to face anything that comes their way or happens to them. God cares about them.


It tells them that if they have the love of Jesus in their hearts, they also have the power of Jesus. The type of love that’s described is agape love, which means unconditional. In no way at all can we do anything and God stops loving us. It’s not possible for God to stop loving us. We have that kind of love within us.


Self-control also means having a sound mind. It’s the opposite of having a mind that is easily disturbed, given into fear, or irrational. God has a mind that can easily comprehend and disciplined. We have that same thought mentality. We just have to learn to use it.

I share often with my son that God has created him to be courageous. That the fear that he’s feeling isn’t from God, but from our enemy, Satan. I tell him to remember that where Jesus is, Satan can’t be there. 

So when he’s feeling fearful, even when it seems silly, we invite Jesus to come and take away the fear that he’s feeling. I tell him to physically put the fear in his cupped hands and lift it up to the sky. I tell him to ask Jesus to take it away.

When he does this, I ask him if He truly believes that Jesus just took that from Him. This is where I teach him about faith and how if he believes that Jesus just took his fear, then it really happens and he no longer has to worry about it. 

After this, I remind him that we just invited Jesus to help us, so Satan can’t be there. That means that his fear is now all gone and he can sleep soundly knowing that Jesus is taking care of everything. 

If Jesus can make still the stormy wind and waves, He can certainly be with us in our times of fear and calm the storm inside of us.

I pray this little tip can help you and your children when they’re going through times of fear. It’s not unusual for kids to have random fears while they’re learning and discovering the world around them.

Always remember to teach them that God is ultimately in control and that He has Agape love for them.

Faith over fear means that we know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that Jesus can take control of our fear and will take control of our fear. We just need to invite Him to be able to do that.

It starts early with our children. When we show them at an early age that Jesus can take care of them if they ask, they will grow up to trust in Him without any hesitation.

Do your children have fearful times where you have the opportunity to help them with their faith and grow it stronger? Share below in the comments!


a mom helping her child with faith over fear from Aiming Intentionally
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