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Daily Bible Reading For Moms And Why It’s Important

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What you’ll find: Understanding the importance of daily Bible reading for moms, the benefits of adding the Bible to your life, and why moms especially need the Bible in their every day lives.

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You’ve heard it all before. The Bible is an important source of information if you want to be a Christ-follower, but why do you need to make time for it? You’re a busy mom who has tons of work you have to do. You already have a to-do list 3 miles long, not to mention all the distractions that having kids means. So why is it important to fit in daily bible reading for moms on top of everything else?

Why Is Daily Bible Reading For Moms Needed?

So what’s the fuss with reading your bible? You may be drowning in dirty dishes and mountains of unfolded clothes, but God sees you. He has a purpose for you. Long before you knew you were going to be a mom, He knew the mission He had intended for you. 

Have you ever been in a situation with your kids where you wish you had the right answer for a difficult question? Or maybe you couldn’t think of the correct punishment for something your child did wrong, that wasn’t bad enough to justify spanking, but bad enough to not let it go?

How about this – Have you ever felt alone in motherhood, feeling like no one understands what you’re going through?

Let me tell you, friend, I have SO been there! Do you know how I started to find the answers to those motherhood dilemmas? I started turning to God for them.

But you ask, “how does prayer help me? I can’t hear God back when I pray.”

That is the very reason why daily Bible reading for moms is so important. It’s one of the main ways that God talks back to you. 

All of the issues I mentioned above, I found the answers by reading the Bible every day. 

When you take special time with God and read the words that He wrote for you, you can learn from them and receive His blessings. 

What Are The Benefits Of Daily Bible Reading For Moms?

There are too many benefits to daily Bible reading for moms to share here, but I’ve discovered a few that are very helpful to your role as a mother.

You show your kids a good example by staying close to God

You know you’re supposed to be reading your bible every day, but it’s just so hard to find the time. Those little ones are counting on you to raise them and you want them to be strong in the Lord when they grow up.

A good place to start is for them to see you reading your bible. If they see you in the Word of God daily, they will grow up with confidence knowing it’s perfectly normal to read their Bible.

What’s more, when they see you reading it, they’ll want to know more about it, just because their mommy is interested.

You understand the importance of Jesus and the reason He was sent

As Christ-followers, our entire purpose is to learn from Jesus’ teachings and apply them to our daily life. To do as He did, to love as He loved, and to grow in a deeper relationship with Him.

When you read your Bible daily, you experience His life in comparison to your own. He isn’t someone unrelatable. He’s real. He experienced real trials and joys that we all do. He loves you and He knows you.

Every passage in the Bible, both Old, and New Testament points back to Jesus. By taking the time to read your Bible every day, you are getting to know your Lord and Savior on a more personal level.

You start seeing things God’s way rather than your own

Filling your head and your heart with scripture allows you to stop seeing situations from a human point of view, but the way God sees the world.

You start to understand that God has a language that we could never understand apart from surrounding ourselves in it.

There are many instances, as mothers, where we could take our carnal selves and cause damage to our children.

I’m sure I’m not alone in admitting that my kids drive me nuts sometimes. I could do some serious damage to them if I were to react in my own natural way.

However, since I started filling my mornings with scripture and listening to God’s words throughout the day, I have a better understanding of God’s character and how He would want me to react, and I’m able to stop myself and speak to my children the way that God would.

You get to know God’s character

Did you know that God has a personality? Honestly, before adding Bible reading as a routine to my day, I hadn’t really thought about it.

But the more I read scripture, the more I got to know Him on a personal level. He is more complex than I could ever imagine before, and what’s more amazing, I see myself in Him.

He created us in His image after all, and it’s so amazing to see my own characteristics in line with His. And oh how I want you to see it also!

God is so amazing, and my words could not do justice how wonderful He is. I pray that you learn this for yourself as well.

So Why Do Moms Especially Need To Read Their Bible Daily?

I’m trying to single you out as an exception, as the mom, rather than other people in different seasons and situations. As moms, we have this ultra-rare gift that we’ve been given.

1. We’re raising future Christ-followers

How amazing is that?

Who else can do that apart from a mother? God has uniquely qualified a mother to have the ear of her children and influence them from birth.

God has entrusted us and partners with us in raising His children to be strong in Christ. I can’t think of a more noble cause than that. Your knowledge of the Bible will help you tremendously.

2. Access to the best parenting guide

Have you ever considered the Bible to be a parenting guide? In fact, it’s the most important advice you could receive on parenting.

Everything you need help with is found right in the Bible. Proverbs is a book that’s full of wisdom. I have settled many disputes between my kids with advice from Proverbs, as well as disciplinary decisions.

And that’s just Proverbs! Every book gives guidance on how to raise your children to be Christ-like and adopt God’s character.

When you use the Bible as your parenting manual, you learn the ultimate dos and don’ts for raising children.

3. Moms are the spiritual backbone of their family

There’s a reason why so many marketers prompt with the woman in mind. They know that the woman is the decision-maker of the home.

The same can be said about the spiritual influence of a mother. She has the influence of her entire household.

With the opportunities that you have as their mother, you can fill their hearts to the brim with God’s love.

As a wife, you’re the one who supports her husband so that He can be the leader that God has called Him to be.

Without you staying strong in your Bible, your family doesn’t stand much of a chance against the attacks of the enemy.

4. You keep your day strong with a solid foundation

When you bring your Bible into your day, you’re setting your day up for success.

When you speak God’s Word into your relationships and your mission as a mother for God, you have a solid foundation to support you when trials come.

Believe me, trials will come. There’s no doubt about that. When you have a stronger knowledge of what the Bible says, you’re better able to stand firm on those words.

The wise woman builds her house upon the rock. Build your home on the rock of the word of God.

5. The Bible is your weapon

When the inevitable trials come, you will have a sharp weapon to use in your attack. Satan doesn’t like scripture read back to Him.

You may not realize, but Satan knows the Bible better than we do. He knows how to use them against you. To twist them into lies about God.

He knows how to make you question God and what God has told us.

Remember the garden of Eden? When talking to Eve, he said, “Did God really say you couldn’t eat that fruit?”

He had Eve doubting what God actually said to her. Don’t be like Eve. Gain as much knowledge as you can about the Bible and wrap yourself up in the truth of what it says to you.

Have faith and believe in what God says to you. His words are always true.

2 Timothy 3:16 says, “All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful to teach us what is true and to make us realize what is wrong in our lives. It corrects us when we are wrong and teaches us to do what is right.”

Use His words for raising your children, even when it’s really hard to fit the Bible into your busy life.

For Days When Reading Your Bible Daily Is Impossible

I totally understand the days when everything goes wrong and nothing starts out right. I still have days like that.

1. God’s Mercy

The important thing to remember is that God’s mercy renews every morning. So even though you had a bad day the day before, your day starts over again the next day. Don’t give up.

2. Give Yourself Grace

Don’t let the bad day get you down. Understand that things happen sometimes that are beyond our control. Emergencies happen and routines are ruined.

Don’t beat yourself up if you can’t get to your Bible that day. God loves you and sees you. He knows your heart and your intentions.

3. No Guilt

Don’t let Satan make you feel guilty for not being able to read your Bible that day. He wants you to feel bad about yourself so that it can distance you from God.

He knows your role is important to your family and he will do everything he can do mess it up.

4. God Will Meet You

As I said, God knows your heart and He knows your intentions. He has long been aware of what is going to happen. Make sure that you stay focused on Him, even when there are days when reading the Bible won’t be a reality.

He understands the season you’re in and will show up regardless. Just make sure that you meet Him at this time. Prayer can go a long way when your heart is in the right place.

5. Be Prepared

You’re a mom. You know distractions are inevitable. Take advantage of the good times when there aren’t distractions and record your favorite verses.

Keep a small list handy. On days when you can’t open your Bible, reach for that small list and read those verses out loud. Speaking scripture keeps your strong foundation intact until your day starts over.

As moms, we are so blessed to have the opportunity to read God’s word and apply it to our parenting.

There are so many benefits to daily Bible reading for moms and God has called us, specifically as mothers, to stay strong in His Word. Without it, we will be lost in our parenting and raising our future Christ-followers.

Have faith and know that God will meet you, even in your hard, busy days as a mom.

What are the benefits the Bible gives you in your own life? Respond in the comments!


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  1. When my kids were younger they would get a book out to read. I would ask them what they were doing and the response was: reading our bible (even if the book was not a bible)– reading in front of our kids is so important. They see everything even if they never say anything.

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