Aiming Intentionally


Have you ever felt like you are all alone in motherhood? Sometimes it seems like life is an endless, tedious cycle. You do the same things day in, and day out.

Taking care of your children is a lot of sacrifice. You don’t start seeing the fruit of your sacrifice until years later when your children are out into that world, and you’ve done all you can do.

Aiming Intentionally is about looking at those sacrifices as a call to your mission field.

There’s a specific purpose for you and your children.

Psalm 127:3-4 says, “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, so are the children of one’s youth.” (NKJV)

Psalm 127:4

It is our duty as warrior mothers, soldiers in God’s army, to raise our children up to be strong in the Word. It’s our mission to raise them up as a weapon against the devil’s schemes and to be made aware of them even from an early age.

Raising our children for Kingdom purposes is a daily challenge: to grow our children up in God’s love, wisdom and laws.

God has entrusted you to their care. It’s your duty to raise them the way God intended.

Are you a mother who is looking for strength in God’s Word? The courage to raise her children in today’s world and know the support and understanding from someone who understands? If this is you, you are in the right place.

I too was where you are. A lonely mom, at home all day with small children. Often my thought that I was never good enough to raise children who would be such a powerful weapon.

I didn’t realize my worth in God. As a result, I wasn’t raising my children the way God intended me to.

My mind was so consumed with everything I wasn’t doing right. With all of the lies that Satan was telling me, I forgot all of the tools and weapons that God had already equipped me with.

Gradually, the more I started saying YES to small promptings from God, the more He showed me the big mission of my life. He showed me that there are women out there who are in need of their mission fields revealed to them.

I believe there are a few core opportunities every mother has been created for…

  • Being in her home as a support to her husband
  • Being a light to her children
  • Recognizing her mission field is her home
  • Knowing that it is her job to raise her children to know God and make Him apart of their everyday life

Here’s the gist: You have been given a particular mission from God with little people to raise for the purposes of His Kingdom.

Aiming Intentionally - Raising Our Children As Arrows For Kingdom Purposes
Hey That’s Me!

Hi There! My name is Samantha Roberts and I have a calling in my heart for mothers who feel lost and isolated. Women who need a reminder of their worth in God and the importance of their role for His Kingdom.

The Beginning of My Motherhood

It all started in 2012. I was an overwhelmed first-time mother. In fact looking back, I definitely know I had postpartum depression.

I never wanted to leave the house, I didn’t ever want to shower and I definitely wasn’t finding time for myself. My husband literally had to push me out the door to get me out of the house, and I’m so glad that he took the time to do that.

Our son, Liam, was a very good baby. He wasn’t very needy, but we did have an issue with his feeding in the beginning. And like many of you may have felt, there was guilt that I wasn’t able to produce enough milk for him.

I’m a firm believer that what’s good for the mother is good for the baby. We decided to supplement with formula. Both he and I were much better for it.

Two years later, we welcomed our daughter, Reagan. With this being my second baby, I was more familiar with the ropes of having a new baby. Within the first month, however, we were right back where we were the first time. I also couldn’t produce enough for her and she also ended up on formula.

Our First Family Portrait of Four!
You Are NOT Alone

I’m sharing this part of my motherhood journey with you because we have all had seasons in motherhood that didn’t seem to ever end. My children have two different personalities. As babies, Liam was very independent and didn’t have trouble being put down. Reagan always wanted to be held, and because of that, I never got anything done.

No matter what you are going through as a mother, whether you have one or ten children, you are not alone. There may be times when guilt and frustration take over, trying to tell us what kind of mothers we are.

Here’s the truth: God is Freedom. He can take away anything you are feeling, and restore you as the mother you were meant to be. He did it for me and He can certainly do it for you!

How I Received My Calling

I had been attending a bible study at my church specifically for moms. This group had completely saved my spiritual life and changed me as a mother, for the better.

In mid 2018, during my time alone with God, I received a message from the Holy Spirit. He told me that I was suppose to start leading my group of moms. I responded back that if the current leaders asked me, I would say yes. One month after saying YES to God, my leaders asked me, and I agreed.

A few months later, my pastor’s sermon was about what we were willing to sacrifice for God’s kingdom. The entire time, I kept hearing “Homeschool” in my head.

Liam had started Kindergarten that year and Reagan wouldn’t be too far behind with school herself. I would be free and able to start some sort of business from home during the day while they were in school.

But that was MY plan, not God’s. We spent a few months praying about it and in the end, my husband and I decided to pull Liam out after Kindergarten and start homeschooling for 1st grade.

And again, a few months after being called to homeschool, God placed it on my heart to start a blog for mothers. One that would guide them to being a mother who raises her children like arrows, just as Psalm 127:4 says to do.

A blog that would empower mothers to understand their worth in God and be reminded that they are mighty warriors for Him.

Between the three of these callings, which happened within less than a year of each other, God revealed my calling for Him: my mission field was mothers like you. Mothers with a desire to raise their children like arrows for God’s Kingdom purposes, whatever that entailed.

You have important people to raise and the God of the Universe to help you.

It’s time to be those warrior mothers who raise their children in line with Christ. To grow them to be adults who are strong and confident in God’s calling in their own lives.

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Thank you so much for joining me here.

I pray that God speak to you and show you the mission field that He has planned for you.

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