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9 Helpful Reasons Homeschooling Fits Our Family

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Have you ever felt homeschooling was right for your family, only to get stuck when someone asks you WHY you’ve chosen to homeschool?

I was in the exact position as you. I knew that God had a calling for our family and I knew I needed to follow His direction.

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Like you, I really had to stop and think about the “why’s”. We also need to have confidence when we explain our reasons.

You can learn more about our homeschooling story and God’s calling to our family.

Creating Your Reason For Homeschooling

Think of your reasoning like an elevator pitch. This is a one or two minute speech about why your family is homeschooling. This is where you really think it out and list the benefits you have found as a homeschool family.

I have come up with 9 of the very top reason for my family. Of course, I could give you hundreds, as there are countless reasons to this wonderful opportunity.

1. To Have A Closer Family Unit

I feel so blessed to be able to stay home with my children full time. With them not going to regular school and not staying away for 7+ hours a day, we have more time to spend together.

When my son was in public school, I barely saw him. I missed him so much and felt like I could never catch up and bond like we did before he started school.

We now have the flexibility of doing school at any time of the day that fits our schedule. If one of the children’s having an off day, we are able to adjust school and give them that extra attention that they need.

2. Learning From The Right Teacher

Luke 6:40 says, “Students are not greater than their teacher. But the student who is fully trained will become like the teacher.” (NLT)

The Bible says that the student, when grown, will act just like the teacher who taught them. I want my children to act like me and my husband. A desire that they know our values and learn from the way that we behave.

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There’s no doubt that teachers in traditional schools have their children’s best interest at heart. However, as a parent, I don’t really know anything about that teacher. I don’t know how they were raised and what kind of influence they would bring to the classroom.

It’s my job as the parent to raise and mold my children. To teach them the way that they should go – both as my child and as my student.

3. Giving My Kids Time To Be Kids

When my son was in school, he would only have 2-3 hours to be at home after school. That wasn’t enough time to play and truly unwind.

Now that we homeschool, our school is the one only lasts 2-3 hours. They have the rest of the day to play and be kids.

It makes my heart so happy to see them truly enjoying themselves, while still learning everything that they would have learned in school.

They have the rest of their lives to work hard, but when they’re young, it’s time to be young.

4. God-Centered Homeschooling

Many families don’t have the luxury of sending their children to private school. For everyone else, the only other option is public school.

This isn’t the type of school that welcomes God anymore. I want my children to understand the importance of bringing God into everything that they do.

After all, we’re training our children to act like who they’re going to be as adults. By showing them that God is with us during school time, they will take that into adulthood and bring Him into every part of their lives.

5. Teaching One-on-One

This has definitely been a tremendous help to my son and the areas that he needs extra help with. In Kindergarten, for example, his handwriting was the area that just wasn’t showing improvement.

With a class of 22 to 1, there wasn’t enough time for the teacher to work individually with each student. And understandably so. I also didn’t have the heart to work with my son on MORE schoolwork, after he’d just been there all day.

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By being home with him, he has my full attention to help him in all areas. The first few weeks of his first year homeschooling, his handwriting had improved so much! It makes me so proud to see how well he’s doing with a little extra attention and one-on-one time.

6. Learning What Interests Us

Going off of one-on-one time, we are also able to spend more time on what interests us more than having to stay in a box. In a regular school setting, the curriculum is mapped out to fit everyone, even though no two people are exactly alike.

By catering to our time as a family, and knowing my children so well, I’m able to adjust according to what works best for all of us. We are all taken care of.

We can spend time in subjects that interest us more or go on field trips that we all enjoy. School is much more fun when you tweak it into something you can appreciate.

7. Mixing Curriculums

It’s so refreshing to be able to see different studies and curriculums, and pick and choose what’s best for our family. When we figured out which homeschooling style was right for us, we were able to pick pieces of the curriculum that would fit best.

So for us right now, we use a little bit of WinterPromise (Charlotte Mason) for some structured courses and a bit of Usborne Books & More to fill in the gaps with other areas we want to learn about.

Down the road, I’m sure we will try out other companies and curriculums to see if anything else fits our taste. The freedom to choose is one of the best parts.

8. The Option Of Homeschooling Year Round

It can definitely be hard to keep going for so many weeks, take a long summer break, and then try to jump right back into school again. That’s why my family has decided to school year round.

Of course I’m required to set up 36 weeks of school per year, so I divide those weeks up throughout the year. It’s such a blessing to be able to go only 3-5 weeks and then take a 1-2 week break and repeat the cycle.

There’s definitely no drag to get through to the next break. And when we’ve taken that 1-2 week break, we feel so refreshed to get back into school and give it our best.

Plus, I’ve made the breaks happen where both of my children get a two week break for their birthdays…YAY!

9. Learning In A Positive Environment

So often when my son was in public school, he would come home telling me either a fellow classmate called him names or hurt him physically. It’s never okay for a child to have to learn in that kind of environment.

When we learn in our own, loving homes, our children are given a place to learn without that negative environment.

It’s our job as parents to protect their hearts and minds from others who would seek to do harm. Even if it’s from another kid.

Our children will have a chance to be a light in this world and witness to other people one day. It’s asking too much of them to do that as children, when they don’t even know who they are in Christ yet.

What Are Your Reasons for Homeschooling?

If you find yourself in the position of stuttering and stammering when someone asks you why you homeschool, take some time and come up with your top 3 reasons why you feel homeschooling is important to your family.

Memorize your reasons and set up your elevator pitch. When you do, you’ll have the confidence in knowing your decisions and why God placed you on this path. You’ll have the right words to say at the right time.

Who knows, you might actually also be given the opportunity to share a little testimony about the amazing things God is doing in your life through homeschool!


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2 thoughts on “9 Helpful Reasons Homeschooling Fits Our Family

  1. Good listening of reasons homeschooling might be right for a family. I suspect this post will help many parents. We homeschooled for eight years. It was a sweet, sweet time. Not always easy, but it offered unique benefits found nowhere else.

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