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33 Super Helpful Self-Care Tips For Overwhelmed Moms

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I know that you are overwhelmed. I see you going through all of the stresses that motherhood brings. How can you relieve the pressure involved in being the best wife and mother that God wants you to be? Here are 33 self-care tips for overwhelmed moms like you.

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Why Is It Important To Have Self-Care?

Motherhood and being a wife are two very important jobs that require a tremendous amount of responsibility. You’re constantly taking care of others and that puts your own self on the back burner.

From a biblical standpoint, we have been called to steward.

When you make sure your oxygen mask is secured first, it makes you a better wife and mother.

You can’t take care of others if you aren’t taking care of yourself.

Determine What Self-Care Means To You

There are many forms of self-care and everyone is different. Before you look at the list, decide which areas are your “go-tos” for keeping yourself maintained.

Here are some categories to considered for your best self-care:

  • Mental Self-Care
  • Physical Self-Care
  • Emotional Self-Care

Each one has its place and when you find out which area you’re lacking, it’ll be easier to fill in the gaps. You might be someone who needs more than one category filled. If so, the entire list will be beneficial to you.

It Starts With Spiritual Self-Care

These self-care tips for overwhelmed moms will help you tremendously, but of you aren’t giving yourself God-filled self-care, this list won’t mean anything.

Finding peace in our lives can only come from Jesus Christ.

God has placed this mission field in front of you. You have a God-given job as wife and mother that requires a firm foundation.

If you aren’t spending daily time with Him everyday – in prayer, in His Word, in devotion – than this list will be of no use to you.

Your first step is to make time for God on a daily basis.

Prepare For The Emergency Self-Care

There may be times when you need time for yourself right then and there. If you don’t have it, you’re going to implode.

This has definitely happened to me on numerous occasions. A stressful situation happens – either something is frustrating me, I’m not getting my necessary personal space, or I’m in a situation that’s overwhelming me.

These types of things happen suddenly to me. I can only pin the reason to me not paying attention to my surroundings because I have my blinders on to everything else going on.

Then all of a sudden – BAM! It’s like a volcano erupting and I need to take several steps back for clarity and peace.

If that sounds at all familiar, I want to encourage you to have a backup plan for keeping your kids distracted in order to have your emergency self-care.

I recommend this because we don’t want to be put in a situation where we accidentally explode on our kids. That’s not being the life-giving parent that God wants you to be.

It could be anything from a favorite toy that’s brought out just for this times, a favorite show they can watch, quiet time in their rooms, etc.

There are many ideas to keep your kids distracted.

For emergency self-care, all you need is just 20-30 minutes to distract your kids.

33 Awesome Self-Care Tips For Overwhelmed Moms

So now we have determined what kind of maintenance we need, the reason why we need self-care, determining that self-care starts with God, and what to do in an emergency.

Let’s get into these 33 tips on what you can do for self-care and decompression.

1. Journaling

Journaling is a great way to get out what’s going on in your head. It might seem like you have 1 million things going on in your head.

When you write out what’s going on and get them out on paper, you can see them in person. Often what seems like so much is actually just a handful of things.

2. Take a Bath

This activity might seem physical, but it’s actually great for mental clarity. When you relax the body, you relax the mind. Throw some bubbles and epsom salt in there and light some candles.

3. Paint by Numbers

This is one of my personal favorites. This activity requires organization and structure. It also gets your creative juices flowing. Who knows, if you end up really loving it, you’ll have some new art to hang on the wall!

4. Read a Book

I don’t mean something you HAVE to read. This is the book you’ve been meaning to start, but just haven’t had the time.

5. Watch a Favorite Show

While this might seem controversial because there aren’t many life-giving shows on anymore, I’d encourage you to find the ones that are. I really love watching The Chosen. It’s a show taken from the Gospels and shows a deeper relationship between Jesus and His disciples.

6. Make Time for Crafting

Whatever it is that you enjoy doing. Whether it’s sewing, painting, beadwork, crocheting, cross stitching, etc. My favorite crafts are sewing and cross stitching.

7. Clean Something

I know, I know – but hear me out. I know that this list is suppose to be about self-care, but some people find cleaning a stress relief. If this is you, I salute you!

8. Listen to a Life-Giving Podcast or Youtube Channel

Channels like these can be so helpful. One in particular that I personally enjoy is Heidi St. John from The Busy Mom. She is so wise and speaks life into mothers in all areas that they are trying to work through.

9. Listen to Christian Music

This is also life-giving. It’s always good to surround yourself with God’s love and those who love Him too.

10. Call a Good Friend

For me, it’s my mom. Anyone who will speak encouragement to you. Sometimes it’s just really relaxing to talk to someone you trust and just let out what’s going on with you. You never know, they might be needing you too.

11. Exercise

This can be either on gym equipment or with things around your house. It feels so good to get your heart pumping!

12. Take a Walk

Getting out into your neighborhood and just enjoying yourself while the wind blows softly on your face can be such a stress relief. This is also a great way to get your blood pumping.

It’s also helpful when you’ve got a lot going on in your head. You can talk out loud or talk to God. It’s freeing.

13. Stretch

Stretching is a really great way to release the tension in your body. Self-care comes in many different forms, but the stress is building up in your body, stretching can really be helpful – especially when you’re breathing properly.

14. Drink Water

Drinking enough water can do wonders for your body. Did you know that you’re suppose to drink 1 1/2 oz of water per lb you weigh?

15. Write Out Future Dreams

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about the future? Sit down and right about it! Who knows what you’ll end up writing down.

16. Plan Out A Dream Vacation

Is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to go? Spend some time planning it out. Go into as much detail as you want.

There was once a time I planned out en entire east coast road trip – complete with everywhere we would stop and how much everything would cost!

17. Get a Massage

Tension is so common in the life of a mother. So many things you have to deal with and so much (literally) on your shoulders.

If you don’t feel like a massage therapist is your style, invest in a home massage system – whether that be a chair or a handheld.

18. Tackle Clutter

Do you have a closet that’s getting out of control? Save your sanity by decluttering it and gain your life back.

19. Lock Up Your Phone

Do you get overwhelmed by all of the ways you can get lost in your phone? It’s so easy to get swallowed up in all of the mindless apps available. Set some time aside and lock it up in a drawer for awhile.

20. Get Your Nails Done

Most people might get them done professionally. You can also give yourself a manicure/pedicure. It will be just as relaxing and give you a chance to work on your skills.

21. Take a Shower

This might seem like something everyone already does, but we moms know different. It’s incredibly hard to put ourselves first and sometimes a shower is just not in the cards.

Taking a shower and washing your hair (even shaving) is good for the spirit. It’s good self-care tips for overwhelmed moms to stay clean, even if it doesn’t feel feasible when children are very little.

22. Sit in the Sun

Real Vitamin D can be so refreshing. 20 mins is the perfect time to get what you need without harming your skin.

23. Eat a Healthy Snack

What better way to stay refreshed than to nourish yourself with something helpful to your body?

24. Practice Gratitude

This works for your mental and emotional well-being. Make a list of 10 things you’re grateful for. Every time you return to this self-care tip, it should be a brand new list of 10.

25. Do a Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercises are really great for stress-relief. My Apple watch has an app that will remind me to breathe. You can use this or breathe in 6 seconds and breathe out that equal 6 seconds.

26. Go to the Movies

Movies have always been a favorite pastime for me. A real treat for me is when my husband stays home with the kids and I get to go to the movies by myself. If you’re the same, treat yourself to some popcorn to go with it!

27. Plant Something

How wonderful it is to plant something and watch it grow. Ask any plant person and they will tell you the joy they feel when they take the time to nurture something – that doesn’t talk back!

28. Sing

It certainly does lift the spirits to sing and make a joyful noise. Singing always puts me in a good mood. My family knows I’m in a good mood when I’m singing to myself.

Can’t sing well? Sing to the Lord. Every song will be a joyful noise to Him.

29. Visit a Museum

Are you a fan of history or art? Take an afternoon to yourself and visit a museum.

30. Delegate Chores To Your Family

Don’t take it all on yourself. The beginning might not be so fun when you’re teaching your children how to do those chores, but imagine a life when they know what they’re doing and can take over for you!

31. Get on a Consistent Meal Plan

Self-care also means peace of mind. When you get on a consistent meal plan, it frees up the worry from always having to plan meals. If you choose the same 10-11 meals (or less depending on personality), you can easily rotate them.

This also helps with the grocery budget because you will be buying the same kind of ingredients over and over.

32. Invest in a Planner

Writing things down and planning things out can be a very powerful mental health strategy. My go-to planner is the Living Well Planner. You get $5 off your first order and it comes with sticker tabs for you to be able to start whenever you want.

It’s great for goal planning and investing time into yourself.

33. Do a Puzzle

Do you love to sit while also exercising your brain? Puzzles are great for keeping your brain sharp while also not having to stress.

Keep Yourself Taken Care Of

These self-care tips for overwhelmed moms like us can be real lifesavers. This list takes care of all of the categories from mental, physical, and emotional health.

This list has a broad range of tips for when you can get out of the house and when you can’t. Sometimes it’s not feasible to get a babysitter or have your husband take care of the kids so that you can get out of the house.

When you make sure that your spiritual life is taken care of, your own self-care will fall into place. Put God first and make sure that you are taking time to put on your own oxygen mask.

You can’t take care of others if you aren’t taking care of yourself.

Do you have other self-care tips for overwhelmed moms? Leave your ideas in the comments!


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